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Man Kills Elderly Couple to Join "Carney Mafia"

Woman posing as a fake male character ordered the hit

VAN BUREN, Ark. (Fox 24) -- One of the four people charged with murdering a Kansas couple may have ordered the killing while posing as a member of a so-called "Carney Mafia."  

The 70-page incident report released by the Van Buren Police Department details the moment investigators discovered that one female suspect manipulated her colleagues into believing she was someone else and ordered the hit of an elderly couple, Alfred and Pauline Carpenter, of Kansas. 

All four suspects face charges including abuse of a corpse, theft by receiving and tampering with evidence. 

But it was only through aggressive questioning that police discovered that Kimberly Younger ordered the double homicide, posing as a fictional character, Frank Zaitchik. 

According to the report, Younger had a Facebook account with that name and was delivering orders through text messages to Michael Fowler, the man who admitted to pulling the trigger on the couple. 

When police asked him why, Fowler said it was all to get into the Carnival Mafia Family. 

The entire time police were questioning Fowler, she was also going by the pseudonym, Myrna Khan. 

Police later found the 9 millimeter handgun they believe to be the murder weapon.

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