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Record Breaking Amount of Latinos Now Eligible to Vote

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFTA) -- A new voting record has been broken, with more than 29 million Latinos now eligible to vote.

This comes after a record low number of Latinos eligible to vote in 2014.

Arkansas United, a non-profit out of Springdale, has contacted over 45,000 Latino and Asian voters across the state in a span of three months.

Most of them are in Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock.

Mireya Reith, the founding director of the non-profit, attributes the spike in eligible Hispanic voters in part to those in the NWA community coming of age, as well as the fact that immigration has been a huge issue lately.

Reith encourages both the Hispanic and Asian communities to vote by making them aware of the fact that several of the primary elections this spring were determined by less than 10 votes.

Humberto Marquez said he's been going door to door himself to get the vote out, and he's been met with overwhelming enthusiasm.

He said, "A lot of folks are saying 'Hey, I'm planning on early voting, I'm not waiting until election day to submit my vote' or people telling us, 'I intentionally became a U.S. citizen about a year ago so I could vote in this election."

He also mentions that some of the Hispanic community were discouraged to vote at first, because of the types of governments they have seen in the past.

But now, they are ready to make their voice heard.

Reith said, "Our vote is our power and our voice is our ability to have a say on what is being talked about."

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