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Walmart Associates Learn Company History

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (FOX24) - It's the second day of the Annual Walmart Shareholder's Meeting! Thousands of associates from around the world in Northwest Arkansas for the conference, but there's one place many of them don't want to miss while they're in town. 

The original Walton's Five and Dime is a favorite attraction of out-of-town associates. 

Sam Walton opened the store in downtown Bentonville in 1950. The old storefront is now the Walmart Museum. 

During the annual shareholder's meeting, thousands of associates make their way to the museum to connect with the man who made it all possible. 

The enthusiasm is obvious, associates get off the buses cheering and chanting. The Five and Dime is a step back into history. 

Many associates take selfies with Toby, the first man Sam Walton ever hired, while other marvel at Sam's original office and famous red F-150 pick up truck. 

Sam's Club associates Kimberly Knight and Katie Klingborg say they're grateful for the company Sam built and they hope to continue his legacy. 

"It is a wonderful company to work for, I enjoy the people I work with, the company itself has excellent benefits, they make it fun for the associates, so I just love what I do there," said Kimberly Knight, who's worked at Sam's Club for 26 years. 

"Bringing the joy that is definitely what Sam wanted to do is make it a family company and that's really what we want to do is make it feel like home, make it feel like a family company," said Sam's Club associate Katie Klingborg. 

Knight and Klingborg say one of the most exciting parts of shareholders is sharing the experience with associates from every corner of the globe. 

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