FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Northwest Arkansas has more than 250 miles of bike trails, but some aren’t able to use them because they don’t know how to ride.

The local nonprofit, Trailblazers, works to strengthen biking infrastructure and people’s access to it. To do this, it’s holding Adult First Ride classes at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center.

“They now can get to places where they need to go. We’ve had some people that haven’t had vehicles and so they really do need a bike to get to the places in their lives,” said Paxton Roberts the managing director of Trailblazers.

There are many bike riding classes for kids, but now the adults who were never taught to ride, have a safe place to learn the skill as well. From giving people an opportunity to dust off their old skills, to giving them a new form of transportation, Trailblazers said they can already see these classes changing lives.

“It’s been beautiful and wonderful. It’s hard not to cry when you see people ride a bike for the first time. It’s like a fountain of youth. I love it,” said Anya Bruhin, an Adult First Ride Instructor.

Trailblazers said many classes have bilingual instructors to get more people trained up and ready to hit the trails.

The next class is Sunday, August 21 and there’ll be another in September. If you can’t make a class, you can visit Trailblazers’ website here and they’ll add you to a list to let you know when there’s another one available.