While the election can bring a lot of stress, one new non-profit in Fayetteville looks to help you breathe easier. Pachika Meditations offers free weekly meditation sessions.

With just weeks to go before the November election, it’s a stressful time for many Americans. Founder of Pachika Patricia Walsh says, “Our mind is constantly generating thoughts. It’s something that you can’t stop. It’s like breathing, you’re always thinking. The thoughts generate a lot of energy.” 

All that extra stress can take its toll on you especially as you decide who to vote for which is where meditation can help.

“It’s scary. I’m not going to lie, but also I know that I’m going to vote. I’m going to make my voice heard, but I’m also going to do it with a clear head,” says Tara West. West got into meditation as a way to help her kids relax. Now she’s a teacher at Pachika Meditation Studio. She says meditation helps her family clear their minds and keep an even temper – something she thinks the presidential candidates could use. She says, “You’re one person and you make a difference to many people so sit back and be the best person that you can possibly be – and I find that I can do that when I’m not freaking out, when I’m not stressed,  

Pachika Studios offers free weekly classes Thursday nights at 6:30, but there are also ways to find inner peace on your own.  Spiritual Practitioner Cheryl Bell RSP says, “Breathing in a memory of a peaceful time, and as you breathe in that memory it grows and it connects your brain with that specific memory and it allows that peace – it allows the endorphins to actually to release.”  Giving you a moment to breathe before casting your ballot.