FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A local power company’s free program is helping its customers save money.

SWEPCO will take a look at your home and see if there are places to install extra caulking, weather strips or insulation with its Weatherization Program. They are all things you can buy yourself at your local hardware store, but SWEPCO will install them for free for their customers who qualify.

Logan Farmer at Johnson’s Hardware said weatherizing your home is a way to avoid spending unnecessary money on your electric bill.

“The more insulators you have in your house to help keep out the elements, the easier it is for your house to stay hot or cold,” said Farmer.

Your air conditioned or heated air can flow right through any opening in your home, including a wall or duct work with little insulation, or cracks in your windows and doorways.

Jeremy Arent, the energy efficiency and consumer programs coordinator at SWEPCO, said weatherizing your home usually saves customers around 20% on their electric bill.

Arent said a weatherized home benefits the environment and all energy users, by providing less strain on the electric grid.

Farmer said if you use multiple methods to seal your home, you’ll see a big difference next you check your electric bill.

The City of Fayetteville sees the environmental and cost benefits of weatherizing your home as well and offers free energy-saving kits to low income residents’ homes.