FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – With many flash flood warnings lasting into tomorrow, first responders in Benton County are closely watching the roads.

Melody Kwok with Benton County said the Quorum Court recently approved American Rescue Plan funds to go toward fixing five roads in the county. Kwok said the road departments will find ways to solve each road’s flooding problem by building bridges or installing better water drainage systems.

“We’re going to have even less of those areas that typically flood and we’ll have those be safer for folks whenever it rains,” said Kwok.

Kwok said having the money to go through and fix the roads instead of doing general repairs after weather strikes, will save the County money as well.

While those in Benton County wait for the roads to be fixed, those problem areas will continue to be blocked off when the flooding gets bad enough, but just because barricades are on the roads, doesn’t mean people abide by them.

Pamela Johnson lives near a low water bridge outside of Bentonville and said watching people try to go over the water rushing across the road is just as entertaining as TV, and she said she doesn’t mind having to go another way into town when the roads are blocked because she understands how dangerous it is.

“It’s unbelievable and then they’ll move the blockades because it’s an inconvenience for anyone to have to turn around, instead of being safe,” said Johnson.

Johnson said you can’t see the edges of the road when water is rushing over, so she is very worried about those who could drive off the road.

“So while your big duty truck may make it, somebody’s Toyota Corolla may not it, said Michael Waddle with Benton County Emergency Management. “It only takes six inches of water to wash a small vehicle away, so just be mindful of that and don’t move or destroy the barricades that may be placed out there.”

Johnson and Kwok are both excited about the improvements to the roads in Benton County, hoping it’ll solve many safety issues.

“We know that more people are going to be using these roads out in the county, as the county grows, as the cities grow,” said Kwok.