As an independent firm, one of the most common mistakes I see is that many retirees and pre-retirees do not have a clearly defined retirement income strategy.  From my experience, it is extremely rare that someone comes in and has a clearly defined income strategy for his or her retirement.  One way to develop a retirement income strategy is to talk to an independent professional about your retirement goals.  An experienced professional will not only help lead you to retirement, but will help provide solutions to get your thru retirement.  If you don’t have a clear retirement strategy, then contact us today to set up a visit to receive a no obligation retirement income analysis.

Your no obligation retirement income analysis will provide you with a custom retirement income strategy tailored to your financial needs that  helps protect your retirement assets from loss due to potential market fluctuations and provides guaranteed income you can’t outlive.  And an assessment to identify the tax classification of your different assets to potentially reduce your overall tax liabilities.  Call now for your no obligation analysis. 

Chastain Financial is taking you up to and thru retirement.

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