FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — Temperatures are starting to drop and it’s time to get familiar with the signs of Hypothermia.

Firefighter Chris Lawler says checking for signs of hypothermia could save someone’s life.

“Hypothermia usually sets in if you’re outside and under sub-40-degree weather for really any amount of time,” Lawler said.

After seeing some snow last night and still experiencing some cold winds, football fans still managed to show up and show out at today’s game.

Fans traveled from all over for today’s game but Lawler wanted to give the public some tips on signs of hypothermia when sitting in the cold for a game for two to three hours.

“Look out for red cold skin, shivering, shaking hands, you can have a loss of vision, and loss of memory,” Lawler said.

Lawler says during large outdoor outings like the Razorback football games he sees an increase in cases of hypothermia.

“It just puts the public more at stake to succumb to cold weather emergencies,” Lawler said.

Lawler says if you have someone experiencing hypothermia here is what you do.

“As soon as you see any symptoms of anything that’s a cold weather emergency, you should try to immediately bring that person inside, get them into a safe place and get them rewarmed, Lawler said.

Lawler says with more cold weather coming in next week it never hurts to keep blankets, extra jackets, and water in your car in case of emergencies,” Lawler said.