LITTLE ROCK, AR. (KNWA/KFTA) — It’s no secret Arkansas is an anti-abortion state. Following a $1.6 billion dollar surplus for the state, Gov. Asa Hutchinson called for a special session meeting on August 8th.

Leading up to the meeting, Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert and Arkansas State Representative Megan Godfrey prepare for potential topics related to abortion. Each with differing viewpoints.

“We’re considering whether or not we can do something legislatively to stop people from circumventing act 180,” Rapert said. “This bans all abortions in our state except to save a life of a mother in a medical emergency.”

“We need exceptions for mothers who find out that their baby that they desperately love and want has a condition that is incompatible with life.” Godfrey said.

Currently, the closest state to travel to in order to get an abortion is Illinois.