FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Governor Asa Hutchinson said Arkansas is on track for the statewide mask mandate to expire by the end of the month, but some cities might keep their own version of it.

Fayetteville City Attorney, Kit Williams, said in Fayetteville, there is already a city mask ordinance for businesses that’s been in place since the governor’s statewide mask mandate- and that could still continue.

“We’re gonna go on this together, so it’s a one statewide standard,” Governor Asa Hutchinson said in a press conference Tuesday.

However, Williams said the Fayetteville City Council still might have some concern.

“The city has the duty to protect the peace, health and safety of its citizens,” Williams said. “That’s one of its most important rights.”

Williams said as of March 31st- if the mask mandate ends- it will be up to the city council to decide on its city ordinance for businesses.

“The ordinance never ended but what the ordinance does say is that once the governor ends the declaration of emergency then we must take that ordinance back to the city council for appropriate action,” Williams said.

Williams said one main concern for the Fayetteville City Council is the governor lifting the statewide mask mandate right after spring break.

The city council will not meet again until April 6th so the decision to keep this ordinance or not will not be made until then.