Government Shutdown Affecting Missouri Breweries


The partial government shutdown, now in its 29th day, is starting to affect some local businesses.

Until the government reopens, local breweries like Lost Signal in Springfield, Missouri are unable to get their new beers approved. 

And right now, they’re just sitting in tanks.

“It’ll just continue to sit there,” said Tyler Hoke, owner, and brewer of Lost Signal Brewing Company, “the beer will sit there, and I won’t be able to use it until I can actually get approval on it.”

In Missouri, all beers have to be registered with the state.

“So one way to do it is to have a lab test the alcohol percentage and all that, the other way is to have the TTB approve it,” said Hoke.

TTB stands for tax trade bureaus, the organization that governs beer labels.

“And it asks just generic questions, alcohol percentage, the beer name, then you have to send in a sample of the actual label, and then they review it, and they send back either things that need to be changed or they’ll send approval back,” explained Hoke.

Hoke told KOLR10 the things he’s currently waiting on approval for.

“I’ve got one that’s going through formula approval, which you send formula in for things when you do, non-traditional ingredients, non-traditional brewing practices, that also goes to the TTB, they have to approve that,” he explained, “I’ve got one that’s being sent through them, and also another one that’s going through to get the label approval.”

He explained how the government shutdown is affecting their business.

“The shutdown definitely affected me, because it hasn’t been approved yet,” Hoke said, “I don’t know when it will, and I’m sure the backlog’s getting worse and worse, so it could be, even though they start up pretty soon, it might still take a while for that label to get approved. If it happens any longer, then I won’t be able to sell the beer.”

He said he needs the approval to continue selling beer.

“I’ll start getting fewer and fewer beers to sell, I don’t want to run out, but I would hope the government would open before that happens, but you never know,” said Hoke.

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