Government Shutdown Continues


President Trump presented a proposal to reopen the government with protections for DACA and TPS recipients — in exchange for border wall funding.  

But, buried in the bill are provisions to change the U.S. asylum process.

Critics of the president’s proposal to reopen the government say it is not a compromise, but an underhanded effort to make changes in U.S. immigration law.

A pro-immigration organization, FWD.US President Todd Schulte said changes to U.S. asylum laws were quietly buried in the 1,300 page bill.

“It eliminates people’s ability, if they show up at the border, they show up at a port of entry, to legally apply for asylum,” said Schulte.

“The way that things get passed is to attach them to must pass bills, especially must pass spending bills,” said Numbers USA Deputy Director Chris Chmielenski. 

He added, which wants to limit immigration and said the changes would make it safer for asylum seekers — especially children. “I wouldn’t want my 15 year old crossing through Mexico alone, with some of the drug cartels.”

The president’s bill would set a cap of 15,000 children a year who could be granted asylum.  Those from Central America would have to wait for approval in their home countries which could take years.  

Schulte said, “Three of the top five homicide rates in the world, are in the northern triangle.”

Minors who cross the border illegally would face harsh consequences: Immediate deportation.

“You would be barred for ever applying in country for asylum,” said Schulte.

If the president’s bill fails Thursday, January 24, the Senate will vote on a Democratic spending bill that would reopen the government and restart negotiations on border security.

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