Government Shutdown Costs the Nation $11 Billion


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA)– Federal workers can sleep easy knowing their checks are on the way, but the economic impact of the shutdown still leaves a mark on individual states.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. economy lost nearly $11 billion during the five week shutdown.

Luckily in Arkansas, that number looks much smaller.

Reopening the government doesn’t solve all of the problems the shutdown created.

XNA Airport Director Kelly Johnson said, “They’ve had a really tough go of it. Can you imagine not being paid for 35 days?” 

TSA workers are back to working for pay, but at XNA they won’t see their backpay check until Thursday.

As previously stated, the longest government shutdown in history leaves the U.S. economy about $11 billion short, but the Congressional Budget Office expects $8 billion of that sum to be recovered.

CBO Director Keith Hall said, “There is a permanent loss, however, right?  You lose the government output for five weeks, that’s never made up.  So we think on that we think we’re going to be $3 billion short on GDP.”
Arkansas Representative Steve Womack took to Twitter to respond to the budget report, saying, 
“It is my hope that my Democratic colleagues agree with this and have a plan to address our exploding debt.”
He adds, “We have a moral obligation to future generations to get our fiscal house in order.”
The CBO credits the loss to a combination of lost productivity from furloughed government workers and lost business for government contractors.
In Arkansas, we’re ranked the 39th most effected state in the nation and the District of Columbia.
But, our neighbors in Oklahoma ranked 16th.
That’s according to a report by Wallet Hub.
While the Natural State falls near the bottom of the list, federal workers here at home felt the same stress as anyone else.
“We are very hopeful that both sides come to the table with open minds and open hearts and realize what impact this has had on individual lives across the United States,” said Johnson.

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