SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Creative Arkansas Community Hub and Exchange in Springdale is bringing back Groundwaves, a six-month open mic and mentorship program with a goal to help people discover, develop, and celebrate music.

West Coast rapper Murs will be providing feedback and support during each open mic night. “We like to say it’s a safe space but not a free from criticism space,” Murs said. “People can get honest feedback from their peers and make real improvement and build real community instead of just saying ‘Hey I’m a rapper. I just posted something on SoundCloud. Go look at it.'”

“It’s a place where we can collaborate, network and just meet new people and connections. You can see you who like and who you don’t and just build,” said local hip-hop artist Sewlo.

This session of Groundwaves will run through October.