NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder said it is emotionally wrenching to watch the police’s response to the shooting at Robb Elementary.

Sheriff Helder said law enforcement needs to learn from the video and the shooting in Uvalde and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“If we can’t take a horrible tragedy like this and learn from it, then we’ve really missed the mark,” Helder said.

Helder said law enforcement needs to be ready to respond to any active threat within a school.

“I’m very laser-focused on the certain things that need to be done as far as layering with armed presence within schools,” Helder said.

Pea Ridge Police Department along with other departments held active shooter training this week. Lt. John Langham said Pea Ridge officers are prepared to engage and take action in a threat.

“This department is not training to wait, this department is training and prepared to go in the instance that we have an active shooter and that is our plan, that’s what were going to have to do,” Langham said.

Sheriff Helder said officers and deputies have to be willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect the community.

“We swore our oath to serve our community, there might come that day when we might actually have to lay our lives down intentionally to save others,” Helder said.