FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – “It really is, and this is not our first rodeo; we saw this back in 18’ and 19’ same month,” says Chris Wilson, new car sale manager at Harry Robinson in Fort Smith. 

He says with hundreds of unsold new cars on the lot, April 11’s hail storm was less than ideal. 

“All the cars that had been sold we were able to get under cover, but all of the unsold cars still out on the lot, we will get those back up and running pretty quick,” says Wilson. 

Walking the lot myself, I didn’t notice any car without hail damage on the roof and hood. 

Thankfully the dealership has insurance for situations just like these; the auto body shop on site says almost all of the damage will be completely reversible. 

“Using the paintless dent repair process where you either push or pull the dents out,” says Greg Seal, body shop manager for Harry Robinson. 

In these sorts of situations where an entire lot of inventory is damaged, the owner explains larger repair teams will come to help speed up the process. 

They want to repair the inventory as quickly as possible because getting new cars on campus to sell in the first place has been anything but easy. 

“Inventory is not easy to replace right now, so once we sell all the new and preowned that we have, getting more will be a chore. But we will do the best with what we have here and then will keep on rocking on,” says Wilson.