Halloween Sweets Could Still Cause a Scare


Halloween is just about over for trick-or-treaters, but the scare may not be over with just yet.

The traditions can be full of fun but parents should also be mindful of the things their children are putting in their bodies.

Health officials say paying attention can be the difference between a night of fun or a visit to the emergency room. 

It’s a night to savor some sweet treats.

“This is our first child so it’s really a new experience for us,” said first time parent Ben Lynch.

For many, the dangers may go un-noticed.

“We want to keep everyone safe,” said Washington Regional Dr.Adam Skarda.

With around 41 million trick-or-treaters expected on Halloween night, many are prepared to see injuries and sicknesses related to the holiday.

“Allergies are something all parents need to pay attention to. Read the label before you give your kid something you don’t know they can have,” Dr. Skarda said. 

For many families, the possibility of goodies turning into a sour visit to the ER is already on their minds

“You just can’t assume anything anymore,” Lynch said.

“There’s always a chance of a kid getting something in a candy bar or and apple or something,”said Hannah Williams.

“Browse through their candy and sample some too.” said Jennifer Mayo.

While parents may have their child’s best interest in mind, Doctor Skarda said being attentive to what kids get their hands on is the best precaution.

“Make sure they aren’t eating candy that had already been opened, or homemade candy that they don’t know where it came from,” Dr. Skarda.

Making sure that Halloween is all treats and no tricks.

“This is the treat and not the everyday norm, a little bit of candy goes along way,” Lynch said.  

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