Hare Wynn Legal Minute- Providing Teens with Alcohol is a Bad Idea


As we near prom and graduation season, some parents may think it’s a good idea to provide their teens alcohol. Why is that a bad idea?

  • Teens are drinking in Arkansas at an alarming rate: Recent research shows that 21% of teens in Arkansas between 15-17 years old took a drink of alcohol within the last month, and 38% of teens 18-20 years old did. 
  • As a father to three teenagers, I understand the thinking behindcontrolling your kids’ access to alcohol.
  • However, providing alcohol to minors has serious consequences in our state.
  • Research has shown that providing alcohol at home DOES NOT make teens less likely to drink other places. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
  • From a legal perspective, providing alcohol to minors makes the parentor host subject to liability laws which could equal lawsuits, fines and jail time.

What do the laws in Arkansas say about providing alcohol to minors?

  • Adults who are charged with this violation face graduated sentences, but each violation comes with fines and jail time.
  • (Sentence on civic liability here)
  • At Hare Wynn, we see alcohol liability cases frequently. We encourage you to keep your teens and their friends safe – and most importantly, alive – by not encouraging alcohol use or providing any alcohol whatsoever.
  • For more information, please visit hwnn.com or call us at 877-225-6312.


Arkansas alcohol stats

Research on teens drinking in the home

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