A Harrison man is making a splash with his new one of a kind homemade fishing lure that sold for 17 times the list price on Ebay in just a few days. 
It’s a bait Kevin Brightwell was hoping someone would bite on, but he said he didn’t expect them to bite quite so hard.
“For someone to spend that kind of hard earned money on something that ive created is, it’s awesome…it’s kind of unheard of especially here in the Midwest for a small town guy like me to create something that goes for that much,” Brightwell said.
Brightwell is a full time firefighter but as a second job he owns KGB Swimbaits, a small fishing lure business he runs out of Harrison.  
Typically he sells his products on Facebook, but the KG Bullfrog was his first time selling a bait on Ebay. He listed the his new lure on Ebay for $100 and in just four  days it sold for nearly 17 hundred dollars.
“You know I was surprised by it, I make these in my basement and to have that kind of feedback from the consumer, you know I priced it at 100 bucks and then that was just the entry level and it just kept going up and I was really shocked by it,” Brightwell said.
He said what makes this lure different is that it looks more realistic and there’s hardly any bullfrog baits out there, especially of this quality.
 You know um its taken a lot of hard work and a lot of time, but I think I’ve finally found a way to make fishing into a career, something that will at least pay for itself,” Brightwell said.
Brightwell said he has no plans to sell his KG-Bullfrog bait to stores like Bass Pro Shops, but instead wants to keep his lures handcrafted and not mass produced.