FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Fayetteville man arrested in April for taking a gun to a preschool has multiple hearing dates scheduled for August.

Samuel Gray Lindsey, 23, was arrested April 13 for obstructing governmental operations, loitering and carrying a weapon.

Lindsey has a hearing in Fayetteville on August 2 for the charges from his arrest.

He has a separate hearing on August 3 for two failures to appear, no insurance and driving on a suspended license.

Lindsey was arrested just hours after a caller raised concerns that Lindsey would go to the school to pick up his child, which he doesn’t have custody of, without permission.

Officers said that Lindsey was covering his face and wouldn’t respond to questioning. “I immediately found his posture to be suspicious,” said one of the officers in their report.

Lindsey claimed that the behavior was part of a religious ritual.

Lindsey was detained after his description matched that of a misdemeanor warrant out of West Fork. After refusing to identify himself, he was placed under arrest.

His backpack was searched, and a revolver was found. A loaded shotgun and additional ammunition were found in his truck parked at a Subway on Township and Gregg.

Lindsey was involuntarily admitted to a local mental health facility on the day of his arrest, and was readmitted on April 18 for an additional seven days. He was released early on April 21.