An Arkansas legislator placed a hold on UA’s budget after member’s of the Arkansas women’s basketball team chose to take a knee during the National Anthem last week.

Senator Alan Clark spoke with us on what this hold means and why Arkansas legislators are taking a stand.
Legislators can ask that a hold be placed on a budget until issues can be discussed regarding it.    

Clark asked for that hold, but said he wants to be  clear on something. He said it’s not about the budget, but ensuring someone from the university will have a conversation with legislators about the issue at hand.

Clark also said this is nothing against the women’s basketball team, but more so at the administration and why it allowed this to happen at the game.

His statement on Twitter specifically stated “Hold placed on UA’s budget and amendment being prepared to remove equal funding as women’s basketball budget. UA’s leadership out of touch.”

Clark said, “That’s my way of getting their attention. And yes, if I had the vote, I would cut their budget. But not because that’s what I want to do,but if they chose not to talk to us, and answer our questions, I would. Otherwise, I have no interest in hurting the U of A, and I certainly don’t have any interest in hurting the young ladies.”

Scott Varady, Executive Director with the Razorback Foundation did tell us they’ve received multiple calls already from donors, one of which has expressed an interest to not renew.
We also reached out to the university on this matter who stated, “University of Arkansas Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz issued this statement today, “We trust that our legislators have the university’s best interests at heart. At a time when we are working hard to cut costs, find new sources of revenue, while seeking to increase the number of scholarships for Arkansans, every dollar counts. A cut to our academic budget in these very challenging financial times would negatively impact our students and faculty.”

The women’s basketball team does take to the court again on Veteran’s Day so you’ll want to be sure to follow us and Razorback Nation with any updates.