Fifteen-year-old Deanna Abbott was described as many things.

“On her best days she was energetic, she was outgoing,” her mother Donna said. 

A talented artist, she found ways to express herself whether in her drawings or her journals. 

“She was explaining everything in her writings but nobody kind of knew it,” Donna said. 

Her darkest moments are now coming to light after Deanna took her own life Saturday (April 13) night. 

“Everybody at school thinks she was worthless. She wasn’t worthless,” Donna said. 

But Donna struggled to help her daughter see that. 

“She did battle with depression and the bullying,” Donna said. 

Donna said Deanna was seeing a therapist and had just returned from in-patient treatment when she died.

“We did everything, but it was just too much for her,” Donna said. 

She said she worked with Deanna’s therapist to report the bullying to Lake Hamilton Junior High School but didn’t feel supported. 

“The school should have stepped in better,” Donna said. 

Her family found a poem after she died — part of it says, “remember everyone’s facing their own fight. But I can’t deal with pain, I’m not a fighter.”

“I know that I can’t bring her back, but I hope by me talking about this, will open other people’s eyes,” Donna said. 

It’s a harsh reality she doesn’t want another family to go through, so she’s asking families to check their kid’s social media accounts and make sure they are aware of what’s being sent and received. 

The family is paying for Deanna’s funeral at the Hot Springs Funeral Home, donations are appreciated.