Programming Your Midland Weather Radio Is as Easy As 1-2-3

Set switch on right side to ON. Install backup batteries if power goes out. SET YOUR LANGUAGE by pressing SELECT. Next it says SET TIME, press SELECT and enter your local time using arrow buttons.

1) To receive specific alerts for your area, you must program the correct SAME code(s).

* To do this… SET LOCATION by pressing SELECT. ANY (receive ALL alerts), SINGLE (receive alerts for ONLY one county), MULTIPLE (alerts for MORE THAN one county)

* Press SELECT & see 01 EMPTY (your first code), Hit SELECT you’ll see USA, hit SELECT

* Choose your State by pressing up/down arrows & press SELECT

* Choose your County name code(s) by pressing up/down arrows & pressing SELECT

2) SET CHANNEL by pressing SELECT. You will hear a frequency from 1 of the 7 channels below. Use the table below to determine which frequency to select (if more than one channel is available for your county, use the frequency with the strongest signal).

* Press SELECT again and your Midland Weather Radio will say SETUP COMPLETE

* Press WEATHER/SNOOZE button to make sure you hear a clear NOAA broadcast

CountySAME #TransmitterFrequency
Adiar, OK040001Fayetteville & Ft. Smith162.475 & 162.550
Barry, MO029009Cassville & Branson162.525 &162.550
Benton, AR005007Springdale & Grove162.400 & 162.500
Boone, AR005009Harrison & Mountain View162.525 &162.450
Carroll, AR005015Harrison & Springdale162.525 & 162.400
Crawford,AR005033Fayetteville & Ft. Smith162.475 & 162.550
Delaware,OK040041Fayetteville & Grove162.475 & 162.500
Franklin,AR005047Fayetteville & Ft. Smith162.475 & 162.550
Johnson, AR005071Russellville162.525
Le Flore, OK040079Ft. Smith & Broken Bow162.550 &162.450
Logan, AR005083Ft. Smith162.550
McDonald, MO029119Grove & Joplin162.500 & 162.425
Madison, AR005087Springdale & Fayetteville162.400 & 162.475
Newton, AR005101Harrison & Mountain View162.525 &162.450
Sebastain, AR005131Ft. Smith162.550
Sequoyah, OK040135Ft. Smith & Muskogee162.550 & 162.525
Scott,AR005127Ft. Smith & Mena162.550 &162.400
Washington, AR005143Springdale & Fayetteville162.400 & 162.475

3) Your MIDLAND WEATHER RADIO has a “SET EVENTS” feature; meaning you can turn off various alerts (except TORNADO WARNINGS and several other mandatory alerts*) preventing your weather radio from sounding an alarm for that alert. *See website below for a list of alerts

* Press MENU & press UP ARROW once & you’ll see SET EVENTS. Press SELECT

* Use UP/DOWN ARROW you’ll see EDIT EVENTS. Press SELECT & press MENU to save.

Visit:  to see instructional videos and additional information on how to program your Midland NOAA Weather Radio.

Event Codes for Your Radio

Event Codes for your NOAA Weather Radio.

ADR Administrative Message 
AVA Avalanche Watch 
AVW Avalanche Warning
BWW Boil Water Warning
BZW Blizzard Warning

CAE Child Abduction Emergency 
CFA Coastal Flood Watch 
CFW Coastal Flood Warning
DBA Dam Watch 
DMO Practice/Demo 
DSW Dust Storm Warning 

EVA Evacuation Watch

FFA Flash Flood Watch 
FFS Flash Flood Statement 
FFW Flash Flood Warning
FLA Flood Watch 
FLS Flood Statement
FLW Flood Warning 
FRW Fire Warning 
FSW Flash Freeze Warning 
FZW Freeze Warning

HLS Hurricane Statement
HUA Hurricane Watch 
HWA High Wind Watch 
HWW High Wind Warning
IBW Iceberg Warning 

NAT National Audible Test 
NIC National Information Center 
NMN Network Notification 
NPT National Periodic Test 
NST National Silent Test 

POS Power Outage Advisory 

RMT Required Monthly Test 
RWT Required Weekly Test

SMW Special Marine Warning 
SPS Special Weather Statement
SVA Severe T-storm Watch
SVR Severe T-storm Warning
SVS Severe Weather Statement

TOA Tornado Watch
TOE 911 Telephone Outage Emergency
TRA Tropical Storm Watch

TXB Transmitter Back Up On
TXF Transmitter Carrier Off
TXO Transmitter Carrier On
TXP Transmitter Primary On

WFA Wild Fire Watch
WSA Winter Storm Watch
WSW Winter Storm Warning

??A Unrecognized Watch
??S Unrecognized Statement 
??E Unrecognized Emergency