FARMINGTON, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — You can’t shoot off fireworks after Independence Day, but you can make sure they are thrown away or stored safely.

Chief William Hellard with the Farmington Fire Department said to fill up a bucket with water and gather all the pieces of fireworks that fall to the ground, the devices used to shoot them off and the fireworks themselves.

Next, toss all the items in the bucket of water and let it all soak for 30 minutes before putting them in the trash.

Chief Hellard said it is even more important now to properly dispose of fireworks since fire danger in our area is at a right right now with high temperatures and little rain.

“After you’ve had a Fourth of July celebration, especially now that we’ve had a lack of rain, we want to make sure we dispose of them properly and make sure they’re fully out before we put them in trash cans,” said Chief Hellard.

The City of Farmington hires a company to help them shoot off the fireworks, but it takes both the company and the fire department to make sure all the firework pieces are thrown away correctly.

If you have some fireworks you haven’t tried to set off yet and want to store them, Chief Hellard said you can store a small amount of fireworks safely. Although, he prefers you don’t keep them at all.

If you do decide to store them, put them in a dry, plastic tub. Then place the tub somewhere it’ll stay cool. Chief Hellard doesn’t suggest storing fireworks in the attic or garage since those areas can get too hot.

Also, be sure to keep fireworks where kids can’t reach them.

When fires do start in homes with fireworks, Chief Hellard said it makes fighting the fire even tougher. He said to limit the size of the fireworks you store, and to only keep a small amount.