FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Northwest Arkansas residents are finding themselves spending more on fireworks than ever before. With rising costs throughout the country due to inflation, a typical Fourth of July celebration is now more expensive than in prior years.

Some residents are seeing a significant impact on their wallets, while others plan to celebrate the fourth no matter the cost. Beau Foster is one of those residents.

“I buy fireworks every year for my family, Foster said.” It’s one of my favorite Fourth of July traditions.”

Tent Manager, Jeff Craig, realizes the financial impact it takes to get the fireworks to the tent, even before the customer’s flood in to buy them.

“I understand the cost of getting them here,” Craig said. “The cost of keeping them in the harbor and they had to pay that cost. So I understand, I’m just sad for my customers to absorb the cost.”

Craig explained the price difference compared to last year. Fireworks that once cost $100, now are costing customers double the price. Even with high prices, residents are still able to enjoy firework shows throughout Northwest Arkansas.