FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Diabetes advocates are excited about the possibility of an insulin copay cap bill, but say more work still needs to be done to make it affordable.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to limit insulin copay prices to $35 a month.

Ty Beringer is the Arkansas chapter leader of Insulin4all and has Type 1 Diabetes. He said the copay cap bill will help make insulin more affordable, but won’t help everyone.

“There are a lot of uninsured people out there who have diabetes and this will not help them,” Beringer said. “Insulin rationing in the United States won’t end because of this, people dying from the lack of insulin will not end because of this bill.”

He said it also won’t stop insurance companies from raising prices elsewhere.

Beringer said his insulin vials cost about $300 without his insurance. He takes 3 vials per month. This cost doesn’t include the price of supplies needed to inject the insulin. The high prices in the United States make many diabetics choose between insulin and other essentials.

“1 in 4 diabetics in the United States are rationing their insulin which you can equate to rationing,” Beringer said.

Leslee Post with the American Diabetes Association said the copay cap bill is a step in the right direction for lowering insulin costs.

“It will make a huge impact on the diabetic community in America,” Post said.

Post said the American Diabetes Association will continue to advocate for more legislation aimed at making insulin affordable. The same holds true for Beringer.

“The most important goal is to make sure no one can’t afford their insulin that’s the best and most reasonable solution here,” Beringer said.