LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — In November, Arkansans will be voting on whether or not to increase the percentage of votes needed to pass amendments to the state constitution and ballot initiatives from a simple majority to 60 percent.

The ballot question is known as Issue 2. Protect AR Rights is a coalition opposed to the issue. Kwami Abdul-Bey with the group said the measure would restrict the will of Arkansans.

“We are opposed to any power being taken from the people, any power being restricted, any power being hampered, any power being in any way diminished,” Abdul-Bey said.

While proponent of the measure, State Sen. Bart Hester (R-Cave Springs), said the measure would help ensure the state’s constitution is secured.

“Issue 2 just puts some much needed guardrails in protection of our Constitution,” Hester said.

Abdul-Bey said restricting voters’ influence is not the way to prevent out-of-state money from coming into Arkansas politics.

“If we’re concerned about money influencing the lawmaking process, then we can create laws to deal with that without hampering the people’s power to rule over themselves,” Abdul-Bey said.

While Hester said Issue 2 is needed to prevent outside influence.

“If you’ve got people all over the state that there’s something that’s really important to them to do, 60% will be easy for them to reach without being influenced by just one side that has a lot of money to spend,” Hester said.

The ballot question would also increase the percent of votes needed to pass state laws proposed by citizen groups to 60% in addition to amendments.