FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) – According to Talk Business and Politics as many as 166 million shoppers will make purchases between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Financial experts are giving some advice on how to budget during this holiday season so you don’t find yourself in a bind.

After battling with inflation this year many Americans’ biggest concern is just trying to save money over the holidays.

“Don’t put yourself in a bind trying to buy gifts and things for everybody else and then you be in a hold on Christmas,” Ty Anderson said.

Ty Anderson is the owner of Dinauve, where he helps people make wise financial decisions, especially since he sees an increase in debt around the holidays.

“I’m teaching people how to pay for their credit now, I’ve been doing it for five years,” Anderson said.

Anderson says during the holiday season people can get carried away with falling for holiday savings.

“You go into department stores, malls, wherever you’re at and they’ll say we’ll give you this much off if you apply for our credit card and not really knowing that if you don’t get approved, that hurts you,” Anderson said.

Anderson says that includes even the most popular tactics like using apps that allow you to pay certain portions upfront, and pay the rest later.

“If you don’t pay these things on time, you’re talking about some of them are going to report to your credit,” Anderson said.

Anderson says that inflation is burying many folks, and shoppers want to find good deals this holiday season.

Local stores like Wander Boutique are trying to accommodate their customers as much as they can because they know times are hard.

“We are having a sale up to 40% off in our store and we’re so thankful for all the local shoppers because we know all of the big box stores have really large sales,” Maci Williams said.

Maci Williams is the store manager at Wander Boutique and says this holiday season they encourage everyone to shop local because it truly makes a difference.

“We are thankful for everyone who does choose to shop local because you know, they have other options they can go to, but we appreciate every person who does come through our doors,” Williams said.

Williams and Anderson said we know the holidays can consist of a lot of credit card scams so being aware and making sure you are protected this holiday season is vital.