LOWELL, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — On August 11, J.B. Hunt and the University of Arkansas announced that the Sam M. Walton College of Business program for studying supply chain has officially been renamed the J.B. Hunt Transport Department of Supply Chain Management.

Leaders from both organizations were at J.B. Hunt’s corporate campus today to discuss how their efforts are “making Northwest Arkansas an epicenter for developing tomorrow’s industry and its leaders,” according to a press release.

“J.B. Hunt and the University of Arkansas are shaping the future of supply chain, not just in Northwest Arkansas, but across the country,” said Shelley Simpson, president of J.B. Hunt. “Together, we are preparing future leaders who will grow with the industry to meet evolving supply chain challenges. This will help us achieve our mission of creating the most efficient transportation network in North America, and ultimately the world.”

To extend support for their continued collaboration, J.B. Hunt also announced a new $1.5 million commitment to Walton College that will help enhance the development of the J.B. Hunt Transport Department of Supply Chain Management. Since 2017, J.B. Hunt has given $7 million to the University of Arkansas to “advance innovative, supply chain-focused initiatives,” with $5 million of that dedicated to enabling Walton College’s top-ranked supply chain program over the past two years.

J.B. Hunt and the Walton College have jumpstarted numerous initiatives to study factors such as inclusion, sustainability, thought leadership, education, and innovation. With a long-term vision of “shaping the future of integrated supply chain management,” their efforts focus on ensuring the industry has a modern workforce with professionals that can grow with the industry to meet evolving supply chain challenges, blending logistics expertise with advancing technology.

“Walton College aims to be the leader in supply chain management education, research and career readiness,” said Matt Waller, dean of the Walton College and holder of the Sam M. Walton Leadership Chair in Business. “A gift of this magnitude from one of the global leaders in logistics can expand our reach to talented students, expert faculty and industry thought leaders. Together, we can advance the industry’s positive growth and practice.”

Waller presented Simpson with a plaque recognizing the department’s new name and the college’s appreciation for J.B. Hunt. The department named after the transportation industry leader will house the undergraduate integrated supply chain management program recently ranked number one in North America by Gartner. The department’s graduate program ranked second.