Seconds of looking down changes woman’s life


"I had a broken femur, a broken tibia, a broken humerus, multiple broken ribs, broken vertebrae, concussion, lacerated organs, all that good stuff"

PRAIRIE GROVE, Ark. (KNWA) — After a texting and driving accident almost claimed her life, a woman is coming forward with her experience to help others avoid becoming a victim.

On December 17, 2018, Kyra Sameshima decided to run some errands after work.

Moments after she got in her car, someone who was texting and driving hit her head on.

Courtesy of Kyra Sameshima

Now, after multiple broken bones and countless hours of physical therapy she is ready to share her story of why it is important to put your phone down and wait.

“Kyra is very lucky to be alive today,” Prairie Grove Police Captain Jeff O’Brien said. “We were there on the scene and are very surprised that she made such a great recovery.”

According to O’Brien, Sameshima was hit by someone who was texting multiple people.

“He crossed multiple lanes of traffic and hit two different vehicles head on,” Capt O’Brien said. “He caused a very significant injury on Kyra.”

Courtesy of Kyra Sameshima

“As he was texting them he drifted through the middle lane and he hit my car head on,” Sameshima said. “We were both probably going at least 60 mph.”

After more than eight months of recovering from her injuries, Sameshima wanted to use her story as an example of real consequences of being a distracted driver.

“I’m somebody’s daughter, I’m somebody’s sister, granddaughter, niece, friend, and if it would’ve been slightly different I wouldn’t necessarily be here today to talk about it,” she said. “All because he felt it was more important to be on his phone.”

Sameshima had a broken femur, a broken tibia, a broken humerus, broken vertebrae, multiple broken ribs, a concussion, and lacerated organs.

Scarring from Sameshima’s surgeries
Scarring from Sameshima’s surgeries

Both Sameshima and Capt. O’Brien said they know how lucky she is to walk away from this accident alive.

They both want people to know how even more important it is that drivers are 100% paying attention with the increased growth of Northwest Arkansas.

“Any distraction within the vehicle whether it is the use of mobile phones or anything else is a danger,” Capt. O’Brien said.

“It has completely changed my life and I know it’s honestly changed the lives of most people around me,” Sameshima said. “I just wonder if he truly understands the consequences of his actions.”

Sameshima wants people to ask themselves, “Is it really worth it?” when they decide to text and drive.

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