HIGHFILL, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — With the Labor Day weekend, XNA’s expecting to see an increase in crowds ready to travel.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, this year’s Labor Day weekend is set to be the third busiest holiday weekend of the year. This follows after Father’s Day weekend and President’s Day break.

Olivia Moore is the spokesperson for the XNA airport. She says the influx of travelers has increased from pre-pandemic levels.

“There’s still a pent-up demand for travel after COVID, and especially with our new ultra-low-cost carriers. We see a lot more people in our terminals so we do imagine that we’ll follow the national trend of being exceptionally busy this Labor Day weekend,” said Moore.

Travelers this Labor Day weekend all have their own reasons for hoping their traveling smoothly. For Kevin Velasquez, it’s about saying goodbye to a friend.

“Currently bringing my friend because he’s leaving to China. And we have been working for about like two years,” said Velasquez.

He says he wanted to send his friend off the right way.

“It feels a little sad, but also happy for him because, you know, he’s going to start his new life and also he’s going for his job, which is why he has been working very hard. So, yeah, I’m pretty happy for him,” said Velasquez.

Jesse Olivarez is coming back from a trip to Sydney, Australia. He says he’s looking forward to reuniting with his family.

“I’m coming home. Seeing my brothers and their families. There’s no place like home,” said Olivarez.

But with extra traveling, comes extra precautions.

“Stay together. Don’t leave your baggage somewhere where you can’t see it. Always have it with someone, a travel companion. It’s going to be a very busy Labor Day in the terminal. So you need to make sure that all of your baggage is accounted for and your people,” said Moore.