Latest Early Voting Numbers for Benton and Washington County


UPDATE: The Washington County Election Coordinator miscalculated when compiling the numbers of early voters. The total number of early voters for week two, reported on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 is 16,785. A previous version of this story reported that number as nearly 20,000.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: KNWA is your local election headquarters, and we have the latest on early voting numbers in your area.

By the end of week two of early voting in Benton County, nearly 43,000 ballots were cast. That’s nearly 13,000 vote increase compared to 2014, and it’s a 25,000 increase from 2010. 

These are big changes from this year’s midterms. Back in May when polls officially closed the chairman of the Benton County Election Commission said only approximately 18,000 voters showed up. 

That’s less than 12 percent of Benton County’s eligible voters.

When it comes to Washington County, in week one of early voting nearly 15,000 voters cast their ballots. In week two, nearly 17,000 did, totaling to about 32,000 votes throughout the week.

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