HUNTSVILLE, Ark. (KNWA-KFTA) —Huntsville firefighters have a new, interactive way of teaching fire safety to kids.

It’s an inflatable safety house that will be used as an educational resource for schools and the community. From practicing how to crawl on the ground to escape a fire and avoid the smoke, to cooking safety tips, the Huntsville Fire Department’s inflatable safety house takes teaching kids to a whole new level.

Fire Captain Kristyn Clark said for years they’ve been looking into more engaging ways to educate kids on fire danger. Captain Clark said the department was able to purchase the fire safety house through donations from the community.

Now, they plan on taking it to events and schools around the area for free in hopes it’ll be more effective.

“It’s important to keep their attention and have things be interactive. In the past, we’ve typically just done assembly style, and we try and seem a little bit more animated, but we definitely are going to have a better time keeping their attention and driving our points home,” said Captain Clark.

Captain Clark said they’ll save more lives by teaching kids how to make escape plans or check their smoke detector than they do by suppressing a fire once it’s started. The Huntsville Fire Department hopes that when kids leave their fire safety class they will have memorable skills that they can take back to their own home.

You can check out some educational resources gathered by the department here.