Nearly 800 pounds of marijuana was seized on an Arkansas Highway in a span of two weeks.
Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in 9 states across the country. Local law enforcement state it doesn’t matter where it comes from when it comes across our border. 

” I defiantly think it will be out there more just in general,” said Sgt. Tony Murphy, Fayetteville Police.

Between April 13th and May 2nd, State Highway Police seized large amounts of marijuana coming from California and Colorado.
All being seized during just three separate stops at an Alma weigh station.

Criminal defense attorney Cody Dowden said the state has the final say when the pot crosses our border. 

“Even if you start in one state that has liberal marijuana laws and you go to another even if they are next door ….the problem is you can still be arrested and prosecuted under federal law even if your not breaking state law,” Dowden. 

Intent also has a big part to play in how the laws play out 

“If you’ve got an 18 wheeler probably have less of a defense than someone who has a smaller quantity in the trunk for a weekend or friends going out camping for a week or something like that,” said Dowden. 

Local Police have seen an increase of marijuana related stops since other states have lightened up their laws on marijuana.
” I Defiantly saw a increase in marijuana in our area especially medicinal grade marijuana when those states went recreational,” Murphy said.

Both legal experts and authorities alike said the penalty goes up when the state lines are crossed. 

” You don’t have protections under the federal constitution when you travel from state to state,” Dowden.

Although experts believe more states will see recreational marijuana use, they do not anticipate trafficking laws to change.