Even on a physical and experienced group of Arkansas offensive linemen, Beaux Limmer stands out.

So much so that Razorback head coach Sam Pittman called Limmer a freak last week and meant as a compliment.

It’s because Limmer has been a beast in the weight room, including bench pressing 500 pounds.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely an honor to have the head coach say something as big as that,” Limmer said. “It’s good to hear. But yeah, that’s just a testament to strength and conditioning Coach (Jamil)( Walker and the strength staff here. I do believe that they’re the best in the nation. They’ve just helped me so much. Not only strength but agility and speed training, as well. They’ve just helped me make great strides, so props to them.”

Limmer is one of four senior multi-year starters on Arkansas’ offensive line along with center Ricky Stromberg, guard Brady Latham and tackle Dalton Wagner. Luke Jones will step in as the fifth starter at left tackle this season.

 “We’ve all played a bunch of games,” Limmer said. “We have a bunch of experience. Even Luke, too. Luke is no stranger to the game either. He played several games last year, and a couple games in the COVID year too. So, it’s not like he’s brand new either. 

“We have a lot of experience up there. It definitely helps out playing in these big-time games, just being able to see what happens before the play starts.”

That doesn’t mean the group, which finished up its 14th of 25 schedule preseason practices on Monday, is resting on its laurels.

“Yeah, I mean, there’s definitely still a lot to work on between now and the first game,” Limmer said. “But I guess you could say the quote/unquote hard part of the season is over with fall camp being over. We’re starting class now so we’re not up to the facility all day long. 

“That’s kind of big on the mental aspect of it. As far as schematics and things like that, but I think when the time comes will definitely be ready for sure.”

It’s basically shoring up fundamental per Limmer.

“Just little stuff like where to place your foot on double teams,” Limmer said of his group’s current focus. Where to be placing your hands on pass blocking … instead of like down the middle, you know, outside. Little stuff like that. Especially nothing physicality or playing-hard wise or any of that. It’s just those little things, footwork, handwork, stuff like that.

Limmer has found himself matched up against Arkansas State defensive transfer Terry Hampton, who has benched 480 himself.

“I go against him the most when I’m running center and backing up Ricky,” Limmer said.  “It’s definitely not my favorite. He’s right up on the ball, and he can get up under me and start driving. It’s tough to move him. He’s real strong and it’s a battle whenever we go up against each other.”

Limmer is getting work with the first team at center in addition to his guard duties.

“Yeah, so in practice I’m definitely getting over 10 to 20 live snaps against the 1s per practice at center for ‘just in case,” Limmer said. “I mean, this isn’t the first time I’ve played center. I came in freshman year practicing center. I’ve always kind of been a third string center while I’ve been here, and I’ve even played some in high school. I’m comfortable. I feel like I know the offense pretty well, so I think I’d fit right in if something were to happen, so.”

 Ty’Kieast Crawford is the top reserve offensive lineman with several other youngsters impressing Limmer.

“Yeah, they’re rotating him in a little bit,” Limmer said. “He’s doing good. I honestly have to shout out the rest of the twos too. Jalen St. John, Patrick Kutas, Devon Manuel, Andrew Chamblee, they’ve all made strides from spring and through fall. They’ve come along big time.”

He has been happy with the offensive line’s work in the two scrimmages.

  “Yeah, I mean, there’s definitely all this stuff we need to work on,” Limmer said. “After you know any practice, any scrimmage. And, you know, scrimmages, we do treat those like games, and overall, I think the offensive did have a good day. 

“Offensive line can definitely do things better, like Coach Pittman talks about the little things, hand placements, footwork, things like that. But I feel like as far as schematics, I feel like the ones pretty much have down a lot of the offense, and things are kind of falling in place. So yeah, I thought we had a pretty good scrimmage.”