LINCOLN, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Lincoln Fire Department is working to repair a tornado siren before potential severe weather comes through tonight. 

The fire department says that Smith Two-Way Radio in Fayetteville is working on the project to repair the siren. 

Smith Two-Way Radio is hoping to have it fixed before the severe weather tonight. 

The fire department said that they have been waiting on four different parts for the last month and they are working to restore the siren.

Technicians may have to sound the tornado siren during the repair process, and the fire department advises people to keep up with local weather. 

“We will keep everyone advised,” said the fire department. “In the meantime, please find an alternate way to receive severe weather alerts.”

The fire department noted that the national weather service states that tornado sirens are designed only to alert those outside that something dangerous is approaching and that people need to be aware of the weather during potential weather events.