The Clinton House Museum and its collections interpret the lives of President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton during the time they lived in Fayetteville and occupied the home at 930 W. Clinton Drive. During the month of March, the museum is offering special activities including a scavenger hunt with prizes and story time for kids.

At one bedroom and 1800 square feet, this unassuming house in Fayetteville, Arkansas holds a special place in history. Not only did a future United States President and Secretary of State call it their first home, they were married right in the living room. Bill Clinton took Hillary Rodham’s hand in marriage seventeen years before he would be elected President. Visit the house that served as the backdrop for that day in October of 1975.  

You’ll see much more than just a well-preserved 1931 Tudor Revival Style home in the beautiful Ozark mountains. Visitors can learn Arkansas history from the memorabilia of Clinton’s early political career, including his campaigns for U.S. House of Representatives and Arkansas Attorney General. The seeds of Hillary’s career are also discoverable along with the replica of her wedding dress and follow a timeline to put their Fayetteville years in perspective.

Behind and surrounding the home is the First Ladies Garden, featuring the favorite flower of every First Lady and a winding brick pathway.

The museum is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 to 5 pm, and Sunday from 1 to 5. Admission is free. Learn more at