ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Bikes, Blues & BBQ event is happening all week, and traffic can get heavy with people coming from all over.

The Heritage Indian Motorcycle of Northwest Arkansas says the biggest takeaway is paying attention to all of the surroundings.

Bryan McBurnett is the parts manager at Heritage Indian Motorcycle. He says he has seen the damage accidents can do to bikes and people.

“It can get a little personal, especially with people that you know, the motorcycle was just a machine we can always fix it, we cannot fix you,” McBurnett said.

George Gyrparis is the general manager at Heritage Indian Motorcycle and says BBBBQ brings opportunities for motorcycle awareness to drivers.

“I think the visibility here and the acceptance of even like mountain biking and street biking and I think adds to people being a little more aware of the motorcycles,” Gyrparis said.

McBurnett says although they want drivers to be more aware of motorcycles, they also want riders to be cautious.

“Watch the cars around you. Understand that they have blind spots, and they may not see you. Have a good horn, and have your lights on. Just be attentive,” McBurnett said.