Local Candidates Share Views on Birthright Citizenship


Election day is just two days away and several topics have candidates talking including immigration.

President Donald Trump said he wants to end the constitutional right to guaranteed citizenship for babies born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrant parents.This new proposal is raising questions about the legality of such an executive order.

We spoke with incumbent Representative Steve Womack as well as his opponent , Democrat candidate Josh Mahony about immigration.

They shared how they perceive President Donald Trump’s recent executive order proposal to take away birthright citizenship. 

While the candidates may not agree on everything, they both say the best way to go about this is through congress.

“I think it was a political stunt to be honest,” Mahony said. 

Mahony said the recent talk out of Washington D.C. Is only for show.

“We need people to understand that this was a fear tactic and that it is not going to affect birthright citizenship,” Mahony said. 

While Womack said the two candidates aren’t far apart on this issue, the debate still needs to happen.

“I think he’s on a little shaky ground trying to do that through executive order. There’s a great debate that needs to happen about how we treat citizenship,” Womack said. 

With the final push for their campaigns right around the corner, both candidates say immigration is something that will continue to be talked about.

“Being a melting pot nation that we are, we have so many people that have come to this country and contributed that have become citizens through birthright, ” Mahony said. 

“I believe it’s one of the most sacred things we can bestow upon someone, and so I want to be very careful in how we do that,” Womack said.

Both Womack and Mahony said they agree in upholding the integrity of the constitution through congressional processes.

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