FARMINGTON, Ark. (KNWA) — Following a string of mass shootings across the country this year, a local high school is using new technology to keep your child safe in case the worst should happen.

The project began one year ago, when Principal Jon Purifoy decided classroom numbers needed more visibility.

Nightlock kits line the walls of every classroom, ready to be slid on the door in case of an emergency.

“It’s impossible to break the door down” Purifoy said.

He’s going a step further with a first-of-its-kind speed screen.

“You would know which room you’re in, in case you were hurt, or anything like that. That way you could inform personnel that needs to come get you,” Purifoy said.

The goal is to add an extra layer of protection for students and teachers.

Nearly 600 students walk the halls of Farmington High School everyday.

The mastermind behind the patent-pending blinds is Kevin Guinn, Farmington High parent and owner of Six One Six Intrusion Protection Products.

“It was a total brainstorm — two in the morning I had an idea,” Guinn said.

The blind shows the room number from the inside and outside, and there’s a peephole.

First prototype

“You can actually look out and see if that person is real emergency personnel or not,” Purifoy said.

After a year long process, they’ve landed on a final prototype, with the intention to put the blinds in every classroom of the high school.

“We see it helping a bunch of people all over the country, we hope,” Guinn said. “It’s unfortunate we have to plan for active shooters. When you’re kids could become involved, you become passionate about something.”