BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Inaccurate and racially insensitive descriptions of news events plague a junior high yearbook.

Students at Lincoln Junior High received their yearbooks Monday, and for many students and parents, opening that book up led to some political disagreements.

“When you see this type of stuff as a parent it honestly scares you,” said Juan Mason. “I had to talk with my son’s coaches and asked them, ‘Can you please just promise me you’re gonna protect my son?'”

The book came as a shock to Juan and Yoni Warfield- both have children at LJH.

“You see the first picture of a mostly Caucasian crowd waving the flags in front of, obviously, a government building and the pictures entitled “Trump supporters protesting at the capitol,” Warfield said. “Then you see a picture- a more violent looking picture- of a car flipped over, flames in the background, mostly people of color entitled, Black Lives Matter riots.'”

In addition was a photo of former president Donald Trump with a caption that said, “President Trump was not impeached.”

“Given the current climate of the country being so polarized, it’s just disappointing that we would see something that’s not factual on a page,” Warfield said.

KNWA/FOX24 reached out to Lincoln Junior High for an interview. The school referred to an email from principal Josh Thompson that was sent to parents who purchased a yearbook.

statement from Lincoln Junior High

“It just kind of made me feel like my kid-just based off of one factor alone: the color of his skin- he may be looked at different,” Mason said.

Warfield said she hopes this serves as a learning experience for students and faculty to better understand what is and is not okay to publish. She and Mason both said what is most hurtful is that they feel this does not represent the school’s values as a whole and came as a complete shock.