Local Leaders Respond to President Trump’s Address


SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFTA)–Last night President Trump addressed the nation, emphasizing the need for more border security and imploring Democrats to green-light the construction of a wall.

Some lawmakers agree with what the president said and others don’t. But, one local man says he’s afraid the president’s speech only hurts the reputation of immigrants already living here.

“We don’t have to do anything to prove we’re not criminals because we’re not,” said Springdale community organizer and immigrant rights advocate Irvin Camacho.

Camacho said President Trump’s address generalized the Hispanic population, making them all look like criminals.
President Trump said, “Imagine if it was your child, your husband, or your wife whose life was so cruelly shattered, or totally broken. To every member of congress, pass a bill to end the crisis.”
Senator John Boozman agrees, saying he shares President Trump’s concern about the border.
He also called for everyone to come to the table to increase border protection.
Shortly after the president spoke, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded.
Pelosi said, “President Trump has chosen to hold hostage critical services for the health, safety and well being of the American people and withhold the paychecks of 800,000 innocent workers across the nation.”
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson disagreed with the pair, tweeting, “The Democratic response was not persuasive for those who are concerned about the humanitarian crisis at our border.”
Camacho has his thoughts on the subject too.
He said the focus should be on the importance of valuing the immigrants who want to better our society.
“I empathize because I know that a lot of these people, a majority of these people are good people that really just want to have the best for themselves and for their family members and morally we have an obligation to be there for them,” he said.

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