FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Arkansas has seen a decline in teachers, so the state and local school districts are doing what they can to recruit and retain.

In Arkansas, there are efforts being taken to attract those who want to become educators.

A national association called “Educators Rising” is coming to attract students as young as in middle school to become teachers.

In addition to organizations and programs, some districts are increasing pay for certified teachers. Springdale Public Schools has the highest base salary for teachers in Arkansas.

In June, the school board voted to increase teacher pay and it went into effect this month.

Trent Jones, Communication Director for Springdale Schools says “you have to invest into your community and its people.”

“One way to keep quality people in education is competitive pay,” said Jones.

Teacher education programs are always changing across the state, to try and support the teaching profession.

Jennifer Beasley, the director of the office of teacher education at the University of Arkansas, wants people to know she hasn’t given up on the teaching industry and wants to make this transition as smooth as possible for those pursuing a degree.

“In our state all of our institutions, we work together we meet, once a month to help prepare our teachers for today’s classroom,” said Beasley.