FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – A seven-story hotel and multi-use building could soon come to downtown Fayetteville. However, the city council voted Tuesday night to table the decision to approve the letter of intent for the proposed structure.

The proposal for the Ramble Civic Plaza building includes restaurants, retail shops, and a hotel.

Reindl Properties is the developer of the project, which is a public-private partnership with the city of Fayetteville. Spokesperson, Brian Reindl, said there isn’t a high-end downtown hotel in the area, and he thinks it’s needed.

“I think you know, a new, beautiful, high-end hotel downtown, I don’t think we would be any kind of burden. We would just be a positive member, positive business and positive amenity,” said Reindl.

City Attorney, Kit Williams, said right now, the city owns the parking lot across from the Walton Arts Center, where the Ramble Civic Plaza building is proposed to be built. Williams said this is a big decision due to the city needing to ensure this proposed plan is in the best interest of the city and its residents, especially with millions of taxpayer money on the table.

Williams said the current letter of intent that was tabled Tuesday would serve more as a contract with the city- formalizing that the size, location, construction, and design were set in place, without opportunity for public input.

“It seems too rushed to me. There are just too many issues in there [the letter of intent], parking being one of the big ones. So, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let the public have more of a chance to weigh in on this,” said Williams.

For Grub’s Bar and Grille, the parking situation is a concern. The letter of intent states the building is set for the south end of a parking lot across from the Walton Arts Center, at the corner of West Dickson Street and N. West Avenue.

A general manager for Grub’s Bar and Grille said parking already fills up in the parking lot on the corner next to Spring Street on weekends and event nights. The idea of losing that space for customers is concerning, especially with the Grub’s Fayetteville location being right across the street from the parking lot.

“This parking lot in particular is one of the most popular parking lots in downtown Fayetteville. It’s already tight parking,” said Grub’s general manager, Megan Morrison.

She thinks the possibility of a hotel could bring more people to the location, but Morrison thinks it’s too soon to tell.

“It’s a bittersweet thing, a catch-22. People can stay across the street and it will bring business, but it could be a hinder. You just never know,” said Morrison.

Reindl said a lot of math has gone into calculating how much parking will be needed, and he projects there will be more than enough parking. With a parking garage already behind the Walton Arts Center, another being constructed further north on N. West Avenue, and the 35-44 parking spaces he’s planning to build at the lower side of the building, he thinks the parking will be accommodated.

“We put a tremendous amount of thought into it because you know, the last thing we want to do is put a burden on downtown,” said Reindl.

Another worry for businesses nearby is the construction issues that would be likely to come with the new building plans.

“Having to operate a business in a construction zone or across the street from a construction zone is always a concern,” said American Shaman Kava Bar owner, Ranaga Farbiarz.

The American Shaman Kava Bar is located right next to where the hotel is proposed to be built. The owners, like other business owners in the area, share a few concerns about parking and construction but think with the right planning, it could be an asset for downtown Fayetteville.

The Kava Bar has been in business in the Metro District of downtown Fayetteville for around four years- specializing in the sale of kava and hemp products. The owners are hoping a large hub, like the proposed hotel, will bring more people to an area that’s not as frequented as Dickson Street.

“We’re kind of the secret alternative, and we’re hoping to not be so secret and be more available and more noticeable. I think bringing, you know, the guests that will be at the hotel, to see where we’re at and what we do, I think could be very beneficial,” said Farbiarz.

Not only that, but Kava Bar owner Loudy Bousman, thinks a multi-use building is needed.

“There’s not a lot of accommodations for people that are traveling here as far as hotel space and that kind of thing. So, I think it’ll bring a lot of diversity into the downtown area,” said Bousman.

You can find out more about the proposal for the multi-use structure here.