SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — If you did a lot of shopping this Cyber Monday, those packages are likely heading to your doorstep soon which will make them an easy target for thieves.

Springdale Police Captain Jeff Taylor said there’s always an increase in people stealing packages off of doorsteps around the holidays. He said officers are most successful at catching porch pirates by looking for cars following delivery trucks or people lingering in neighborhoods.

This is one of the first holiday seasons where stealing a package is a Class D Felony, so thieves could spend up to six years in prison. Capt. Taylor hopes this deters local porch pirates.

“Most criminals don’t think of the consequences whenever they go to commit the crime. They are not thinking that far ahead, but it definitely helps us. If they get caught, we can send that message out to other people and it may deter somebody,” said Capt. Taylor.

To avoid getting packages stolen, Capt. Taylor said the less amount of time it sits on a doorstep, the better. He suggests scheduling the delivery to a time when you’re home or sending them to a place where someone can accept them in-person, such as work or a neighbor’s house.

If the shipping company said your packages arrived, sent you a picture of it safely on your doorstep, or you’ve been checking in with its arrival based on the item’s tracking number, and you think it might’ve been stolen, Capt. Taylor asks you report it to the police.