FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The University of Arkansas announced in a news release they have added information regarding former university president J. William Fulbright’s life and political career online, and will soon add an information plaque near his statue, located at Old Main, in 2022.

A temporary signage with a link to the digital version of information will be installed until the proper signage is complete.

The school says the resource is aiming to educate its students and faculty on Fulbright’s political and civil rights record, as well as links and a summary of events that led to this decision.

Petitions were recently created that advocate for the statue’s removal and Fulbright’s name being removed from the College of Arts and Sciences.

“We recognize that J. William Fulbright’s record on civil rights issues does not align with the university’s core values, and that many have little awareness of this history,” Charles Robinson, interim chancellor, said.

The interim chancellor continued, “Meanwhile, some are unaware of his actions to promote peace and international security, including through educational exchange and other laudable aspects of his record of service. These conditions provide an opportunity for us to embrace our mission of teaching and learning, to engage the fuller history of J. William Fulbright and to use the experience to continue our work to build a better campus and world.”

The news resource regarding Fulbright’s history can be found here.