BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA-KFTA)– More than 15 local organizations have teamed up to expand internet access across the state and locally.

Angie Cooper is the chief program officer of local non-profit Heartland Forward, which is part of that coalition trying to make a change.

Cooper says “having access to high-speed and reliable internet is crucial for participating in society.”

Arkansas believes people living in the 21st century need this type of access at their jobs, homes, and schools. The program is here to prepare communities to apply for federal funding to help expand broadband access.

“To ensure that we’re utilizing our resources and planning ahead to ensure that everyone receives the historic amount of federal funding that is coming down to support broadband in the state,” said Cooper.

Cooper says Heartland Forward is still looking for helping hands to get involved in this project.

If you’re interested in helping or if you think your community needs better broadband access you can contact Heartland Forward.

For more specific details about the work Heartland Forward is doing and the other organizations you can go to Home – Heartland Forward and go under the Heartland initiative tab.