FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — An eviction protest has been organized for Monday, Aug. 10, morning, outside of the Lindsey Management Co. building off Joyce Boulevard in Fayetteville.

Clint Schnekloth is the pastor of Good Sheppard Lutheran Church in Fayetteville. He’s organized the protest because he said he doesn’t think it’s right for Lindsey administrators to evict tenants during the pandemic.

“Lindsey issued, I’m not actually sure how many, but at least a full pages worth of eviction notices at the beginning of August. It’s left a lot of people in our community who are still struggling to make ends meet because of the effects of the pandemic homeless,” He said.

On Aug. 8, President Trump signed four executive orders, one of which is a “Response to Public Health Risks of Evictions and Foreclosures“.

“I’m signing an executive order directing the Department of Housing and Urban Development, HHS and CDC, to make sure renters and homeowners can stay in their homes. So I’m protecting people from eviction,” President Trump said in a press conference Saturday.

President Donald Trump signs an executive order during a news conference at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

In Sec. 3. (a), the order states: “The Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of CDC shall consider whether any measures temporarily halting residential evictions of any tenants for failure to pay rent are reasonably necessary to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 from one State or possession into any other State or possession.”

But Schnekloth said the order isn’t enough, “It only impacts federal cases, so federally funding housing.”

Lindsey is a private company. He said he reached out to their administration, which is divided into Lindsey & Associates, and Lindsey Management Co., Inc.

“To be clear, we’re protesting Lindsey Management,” Schnekloth said.

Lindsey Management, he said is the branch that oversees rentals. He only heard back from Lindsey & Associates, who told him he had inaccurate information. “I did hear from the lawyer from Lindsey & Associates who said ‘Lindsey & Associates doesn’t do leases,'” he said.

Regardless of not hearing back from the branch in which he wanted to, Schnekloth said he will be standing outside with his sign Monday morning.

Clint Schnekloth outside of Lindsey Management in Fayetteville (Courtesy: Clint Schnekloth)

He said considering the ongoing health crisis, he doesn’t feel like what they are doing is right, and could even put people at risk for getting infected.

“Especially during a pandemic when so much is insecure, and you’re putting people at risk when you’re evicting them, there’s no reason they need to be evicting people right now,” said Schnekloth.

We reached out to Lindsey’s management via email and phone for comment about the upcoming protest and received no answer.