Local Patients Find Relief with CBD

CBD use is on the rise as research shows medicinal properties of the hemp based product. Local stores are beginning to sell the product. American Shaman is one company on the cutting edge of CBD processing.
American Shaman is about health and wellness.” Vince Sanders is the Founder and CEO of American Shaman. The company, which has revolutionized the processing of CBD, recently opened a store on Walnut in Rogers. “This company was founded on by accident. I had an uncle who was dying from four stage lung cancer, and I was trying to find something to help him. I had, I didn’t know what CBD was.”
CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants, that have recently been found to have a variety of medical benefits.
Sanders says “This product has been demonized for 81 years, arbitrarily put on a prohibition list. What we find ourselves doing more than anything is educating and explaining that human beings have been using this for the exact same things we’re using it for now for thousands of years. We didn’t reinvent anything. Yeah, we have some technology that we applied to it to make it more effective and work better. But the things that, the stories you hear now by the thousands are the same things people were taking it for five thousand years ago.”
Keri Meeler is a local mother who’s eleven year old son has recently began treatment with CBD. 
“He’s been in therapy since he was three. He’s been on medications since he was six. He has anxiety and ADHD. When you have ADHD, your mind constantly runs. It never shuts down for a second. So he would, he’s basically insomniac, because his mind can’t shut down long enough for him to go to sleep. His melatonin doesn’t take effect.”
“So he was taking, it was actually an anti-psychotic medication, to put him to sleep. The first medication that he took to put him to sleep was clonidine, and it would give him very vivid nightmares. Like he would wake up screaming just from his nightmares. And he’d be like, mom I swear, I killed you in my dream. So that was the first medication he was ever on. At six.”
Meeler says for her family the CBD has been a blessing, ” My son takes the water soluble CBD oil. He takes .25 in the morning and at night. He’s completely off all his medications. He has been for three months. And he’s able to sleep at night, and just live a great day. The main thing that I noticed was he just wasn’t as irritable. He’s more up and moving. When I ask him to do things for me, he does them for me. He has a little brother. And usually he doesn’t really want to help out. But he’s more helpful with him. He wants to be involved with him now. So that’s really when I started noticing the difference. I mean, it’s a blessing. It truly is. I mean, it’s like I’ve been telling everybody else, like, I’m learning a brand new kid. New personality, just very outgoing, and it’s wonderful. He’s able to just sit and listen, whereas before he couldn’t. He would just fidget around, if a person next to him was talking, like his attention was on that person instead of the teacher. And now he says he’s able to actually focus on the teacher and what they’re doing.”
Meeler says it’s time to change the way people think about CBD, “First of all, CBD doesn’t have THC in it, which is what is illegal. It’s a hundred percent natural. I honestly just feel like we need to stop thinking how everybody thought in the past about how it was bad, and it’s not good for us.” 

Sanders says that CBD is an all natural chemical the body needs, “The important part is, that this is an all natural product that your body has an endocannabinoid system. You make CBD. It’s called 2AG. But most of us are walking around, quote, endocannabinoid deficient. Which means your body is not making enough. The main reason for that is diet. Cannabinoids are made from lipids, fats. Specifically Omega 3s. And our Western diet is very low in Omega 3 fatty acids.”
“So it’s like trying to build a brick house without bricks. Your body doesn’t have the right properties to make it’s own cannabinoids. So you take it from the outside, endocannabinoids. But they do exactly the same thing. They land on the same receptors in every cell, and they produce what’s known as homeostasis, or balance. The thing about cannabinoids, is they’re like a thermostat. They keep your body where it’s meant, or designed to be. Functioning properly.”
“You know, CBD isn’t going in like a little warrior and fixing anything. Your body’s fixing it. But without the cannabinoids landing on those receptors and waking them up, they don’t know to fix it. So the reason this works on so many different things is because your body, for millions of years, has been designed to fix itself. It just doesn’t have everything it needs to do it. Due mostly again, to our diet at this point. And age, and pollution, and other things in our modern society. “

Francois D’ours is a regular customer at American Shaman. He uses CBD for the pain from Sciatica and also for anxiety, “Well, I was very sick with a number of conditions that resulted in me losing over twenty five percent of my weight. And then other you know, organ problems developed that could end up in organ failure. It was so bad, I could not climb stairs. Because the pain I had from the sciatica, all the back pain, that translated into migraines. And nausea. So the CBD has helped with all that. Also with anxiety. You know, considering the stressful times we live in. It seems to have calmed my mind. CBD has improved the quality of my life. Because I was pretty much left with not much quality as far as enjoying life. But I can go jogging now, and walking, etcetera.” 

Sanders explains that the process American Shaman uses creates a product that is easier to absorb than other CBD oils, “We’re really careful when we extract from the plant, that what we give you is as close to juicing that plant as possible. You want all the cannabinoids and terpenes working synergistically together. Terpenes produce flavor and smell in all living things. Cannabis has more terpenes than any living plant on earth. That’s why it has a unique odor. So we’re careful to capture all that. So we start with the very best product that you can have. And then what we do is called nanoprocessing. And we break the oil down to the molecular level. The average oil droplet size is sixty nanometers. To get your head around how small that is, the smallest bacteria is 200 nanometers. So less than a third of the size. Why do we do that? Three reasons. When you take an oil based tincture, the bioavailablility is very low. Only about ten percent actually gets in your blood stream. So to do the math, if you took ten milligrams of CBD in an oil based tincture, submucosally under your tongue, one milligram would actually get in your blood. The other nine would literally be wasted.”
D’ours says that the American Shaman CBD is superior to the other CBD products he has tried, “It helps, it helped me a lot to go through my challenges. You know, and I’m getting better, and better, and better.”
Meeler recomends it to other mothers who have children with ADHD, “In all honesty, if you just take the time to just try it out, you will see the difference. And you will be helping your child in the long run to be a very successful person.”
Sanders says he see success stories like these every day. “There are so many hair raising moments. Just raise you of the goosebumps on your arms every day. I mean, it, you don’t ever get used to it. The really, the most correct word to me, is like magic. It’s like miracles. We see miracles day in and day out. And to be part of that is again, I can’t tell you what it feels like. It’s just overwhelming. I can’t thing of anything I would rather do. Anything, hands down. “

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